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Tickets for Drag Baby at Pleasance Theatre
(4 - 22 June 2024)

'a truly impressive play' 
(LondonTheatre1 on Drag Baby)

'a terrific piece of theatre [...] conversational, realistic, witty and sometimes brutally honest [...] a great piece of queer theatre exquisitely directed by Joseph Winer'
(London Pub Theatres on Drag Baby)

'an absolute triumph'
(All That Dazzles on I F*cked You in My Spaceship)

'astute direction by Joseph Winer [...]  a forensic eye for detail combined with a kind of loose precision that confers on us the ability, as an audience, to silently participate in the discourse' (LondonTheatre1 on Pictland

I F*cked You in My Spaceship by Louis Emmitt-Stern (2023)

VAULT Festival

Photo Credit: Harry Elletsoni

Drag Baby by Grace Carroll (2022)

King's Head Theatre

Photo Credit: Lidia Crisafulli

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