I am a London & Hertfordshire-based theatre maker, with experience in directing, writing, teaching, education, community projects, FOH & event management, festivals and theatre criticism. At the moment, I'm really excited by work that engages with LGBTQ+ identities, intimacy, Jewishness, and biological/historical legacy, and more widely work that in one way or another engages with ideas of 'community'. In 2019, I founded PackPack Theatre, with the goal of making work with a focus on community storytelling. 

I have worked for organisations including Shakespeare's Globe, The Old Vic, Watford Palace Theatre, Wizard Theatre, and Stagecoach Performing Arts, in a variety of teaching, operational and administrative roles across education and producing departments. My life in theatre began in a voluntary run youth theatre in Hertfordshire which has made community theatre and local engagement a really important part of my practice. 

I am keen to continue bridging the gap between maker and critic and see embedded criticism as a way forward to help achieve this. In 2019, I was awarded the Harold Hobson Sunday Times Drama Critic Award, partly for my work as an embedded critic. 

I tend to make theatre which aims to explore the political through human relationships, which considers the audience and their relationship with the space, and which, most importantly for me, leaves the audience entertained. 

As a society which is losing its sense of touch, I think theatre can at the very least attempt to bring a group of strangers into a space and encourage some sort of meaningful connection.