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Breeding by Louis Emmitt-Stern

Watford Palace Theatre (2021) / Swings & Roundabouts (2020) 

"Should I go now?

Or have tonight
then go tomorrow and not come back?"


Samuel and Anthony ended it. Now what? What does it mean to break-up and not break-away? Trapped inside a post-breakup limbo, Breeding looks at a young couple’s relationship after their ‘relationship’.

Breeding premiered as part of a digital showcase in July 2020, produced by Swings&Roundabouts, directed by Joseph Winer, performed by Jacob Seelochan and George Fletcher.​ It was subsequently performed at Watford Palace Theatre in September 2021, performed by Jack Harrold and Miguel Barrulas.

Cast (Watford Palace):

Samuel: Jack Harrold (he/him)

Anthony: Miguel Barrulas (they/them)

Cast (Swings & Roundabouts):

Samuel: Jacob Seelochan (all pronouns)

Anthony: George Fletcher (he/him)

Photos by George Preston


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