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Pictland by Eilis Price

Pictland by Eilis Price // Arcola Theatre, London Student Drama Festival, Watford Palace Theatre, Watford Fringe (2019), Katzpace London (2020)

'At a time of jittery national uncertainty, as we ladle our way through an extraordinary mish-mash of magi-mix politics, it’s encouraging to come across a piece of theatre that boldly attempts to deconstruct democracy and explore the concept of community' ★★★★​ (LondonTheatre1)

A fast-paced political comedy. Five Picts struck by famine. Do they stay where they are and risk starvation, or leave their homeland and risk something far greater? And if they leave as a community, what sort of community will they be? 

Pictland was originally selected to be performed at the Arcola Theatre for the London Student Drama Festival in 2019. We developed the story and revived the show for the Watford Fringe Festival later in the year. 

Cast: Efé Agwele (Watford/Arcola), Andrew Atha, Zak Chan (Arcola), Naomi Denny (Katzpace), Huw Landauer, Shavariya Padayachee, Alice Hope Wilson (Watford/Katzpace)

Technical: Caelan Oram // Stage Manager: Roma Radford

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