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Drag Baby by Grace Carroll

King's Head Theatre (2022) 

Pleasance Theatre (4-22 June 2024)

Tickets Available Here!

'a beautifully crafted story brought to the stage by an incredibly talented cast' ★★★★​★ (LondonTheatre1)


'a terrific piece of theatre [...] conversational, realistic, witty and sometimes brutally honest [...] a great piece of queer theatre exquisitely directed by Joseph Winer' ★★★★½ (London Pub Theatres)

Dan, a misanthropic drag queen in his mid-thirties, only has one thing on his mind - to get on tv and become famous. That is until Sally, his estranged friend and only ever girlfriend, reappears and asks him to donate sperm so she and her girlfriend Sandra can have a baby. As Dan grapples with this decision, the pair rekindle the close friendship they once had, causing a strain in his relationship with his drag mentee and friend Nathan, who struggles with this new arrangement. 


Dan: Fraser Fraser (he/him)

Sally: Nicole Evans (she/her)

Nathan: Ché Francis (they/them)

Sandra: Amelia Parillon (she/they)

Writer: Grace Carroll (she/her)

Director: Joseph Winer (he/him)

Producer: Lydia Harrison (she/her)

Movement Director: Olivia Stone (she/her)

Drag Consultant: Rudy Jeevanjee (he/they)

Designer (Set & Costume): Lu Herbert (they/them)

Photos by Lidia Crisafulli


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