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"Introduction to Podcast Making " Workshop Sign Up Form

11 February 2021, 7pm 

Join me for a workshop all about podcast making! I'll be using my own experiences from making a podcast (info on that here) to run an introductory workshop which will hopefully help if you're thinking about making your own. Topics will include an overview of concept, content, marketing, branding, recording, editing, technical, with plenty of time for Q&A as well. 

I am offering the workshop on a FREE/PWYC basis. You are absolutely more than welcome to attend the workshop for free, however if you would like to make a contribution you can either buy me a Ko-fi, leave a testimonial at the end of the workshop or offer a skills exchange!

NATP Artwork.png

Not Another Theatre Podcast created by Daniella Harrison and Joseph Winer. Artwork by Alice Hope Wilson. 


NB: I am not currently planning on captioning this workshop, but please let me know if you require captions to participate and I will see what I can do. 

Thanks for submitting!

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